Where did any of us get the idea that relationships — and more importantly, the people in them — are static in nature? Maybe that notion comes from fairy tales where the prince and princess meet, marry, and blissfully head off to the castle… only to never be seen or heard from ever again. Or maybe we owe our stilted attitudes to cinematic rom-coms, where relationships start out with a few bum… Read all

Zip Code Search

Locating members in your area is easy now with the new Zip Code search: try it today on the Advance Search page. Read all

We have just added a great new feature to Cupid of America. A new instant chat facility that allows you to talk to your Cupid of America friends in real time. The chat facility works just like the instant chat on Facebook that some of you might be familiar with. Follow these simple steps to get chatting. 1. Log in into your account2. Make sure all the members you like have been… Read all

Are we popular?

Dating services are more popular than ever! One person in every four internet users are signed up with at least one online dating service. Several millions of people are having a great time using online dating services. Why miss out an opportunity? Now is a great time to get into the stream and have a success! Read all